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These beautifully soft and fluffy Mohair throws are made by New Zealand's premier Mohair weaver. They are warm, light and amazingly versatile, add a luxurious layer to your bedroom or drape on a sofa or chair. The throws make a fantastic gift or just for a personal indulgence.

  • 94% Pure New Zealand Mohair pile, 6% Nylon
  • Size: 185см х 130см
  • Weight: 0.8 kg

Cleaning Mohair: 

Mohair is a natural, luxurious fiber that dries well and resists shrinking. Unlike wool, Mohair has no scales. A vigorous shake will dislodge most dirt particles.

Washing Mohair: 

Soak in tepid water using mild detergent recommended for washing wool.

Gently agitate by hand to dislodge any dirt particles. Do not agitate unduly.
Rinse in clean, cool water and spin to rid excess water. A small amount of fabric softener can be used if desired.
Hang over a line or lay flat to dry. (Mohair dries quite quickly.) When dry, a brisk shake or brush (with a hair brush) will restore the pile.

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